What can Dr Deborah Swallow do for you?

Whether in international negotiating, understanding new markets, building remote global teams or engaging with an overseas workforce, Dr Deborah Swallow will show you how to decipher the cultural code for your brand, gain customer buy-in and deliver your strongest message in way that can be understood effectively across cultures.

For organisations seeking to capture new market space for their business, services and brands, there has never been a more pertinent time to ensure the highest levels of business success from every activity undertaken.  The current global economic climate requires a higher level of communication, cross-cultural understanding and people management than ever before.  Each marketplace has its own parameters for how business people in it like to do business and be communicated with. 

It is a vital pre-requisite for business people to now ‘do business’ with a greater knowledge, understanding and respect for different cultures.

Deborah Swallow is an International Keynote Speaker , seminar leader, consultant and author. She is a Leading Authority on:


Working with senior executives, diplomats and entrepreneurs around the globe, Deborah’s special blend of professionalism, insights and shot-in-the-arm tactics have won her many fans and a loyal client base. Her clients include: Barclay Business Banking, Nokia, Motorola, Diplomatic Academy of London, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway and many more.

Deborah is the co-creator of the internationally acclaimed 4C International Business Communication Model™ which helps individuals to communicate clearly and in a way which transcends cultures. She is also Managing Director of 4C International Ltd, a firm dedicated to improving international business skills and is the Director of Intercultural Studies at the Diplomatic Academy in London – part of the University of Westminster.  She has five published books on communicating across cultures (translated into three languages), has written for various business magazines, and appeared on radio and TV (media). Deborah is a Fellow of the Professaionl Speakers Association and has also won The UK National Training Award, as an individual, the highest accolade in the business.

Deborah is also an executive consultant who provides high impact Executive International Communication Coaching and International Executive Team Development programmes for senior executives, diplomats and entrepreneurs who travel extensively for their work. She also provides Seminars and Cross cultural communications training from 4C International Ltd

Developing CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE to raise your game in international markets