The current global economic climate requires a higher level of intercultural communication, cross-cultural understanding and people management than ever before.  Each marketplace has its own parameters for how business people in it like to be communicated with. It is a vital pre requisite for business people to now ‘do business’ with a greater knowledge, understanding and respect for CULTURAL DIVERSITY.

Effective Cross-cultural Marketing

Globalisation has made industries more competitive so it is vital for organisations to have the right international skill set.  The failure rate of international joint ventures and mergers is staggering. And, there are enormous changes happening in the workplace where people of all different nationalities are thrown together. With the challenges of new markets, globally distributed remote teams and different communication styles across the globe, it is vital that business people take cultural diversity into account.

You cannot afford to get things wrong!

Deborah balances expertise in intercultural communication, cultural diversity and international business experience with excellent consultancy and training  skills to offer clients combined initiatives to address the complexities of people working internationally across multiple cultures. Working in partnership with her clients, Deborah operates at a strategic level to support clients whilst at the same time setting out agendas and frameworks for embedding intercultural competence within organisations.

Areas covered in a consultancy project may include:

  • Deciphering the cultural code for your brand in specific market areas
  • Reshaping the brand message to target market
  • Defingin cultural differences for new product development
  • Cultural audit of the organisation
  • Cultural profiling of employees
  • Analysis/comparison of the various differences by location
  • Mapping values and attitudes
  • Creating frameworks for intercultural competence
  • Providing cultural tool kits
  • Creating a common language

Each project is tailored to the individual client organisation to address their challenges.

Contact Deborah to arrange a confidential briefing meeting on +44 207 1936 281 or email here.

Developing CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE to raise your game in international markets