Client Comments From Deborah’s Keynote Presentations

“Wow! What a presentation!  It was fantastic.  I’ve never heard anyone deliver such complex issues in such an innovative way.”
Dr. Leena Otala,
World Authority on Core Competence & Learning Organisations
Helsinki School of Economics (Finland)

“BOOK Debby.  BOOK Debby!!!  I took away an immense amount of both valuable and practical information that I can now relate to my own business.  I would recommend Debby to any business that is looking for that competitive edge.”
Quiller Hawkins
Sprint Communications Systems (UK)

“Thank you for a truly inspirational talk.  I know for sure you influenced everyone of us by making us feel more confident and more trusting in our own skills.”
SEED Foundation (Hungary)

“Excellent. Very clear and well explained. Very good examples. I can really make a difference to my company – Perfect for me!!!”
Gael Williams
Senior Manager EMEA Partner Development
Interactive Intelligence Inc.  (UK)

“The pronunciation, language and speed used by Debby was very good for a non-native speaker.  That was very helpful. I understood her and could easily follow her even with complicated things.”
Jorg Dorn
Managing Director
Infineon Technologies (Germany)

“Your skill to describe complicated matters simply is significant.  You really know your stuff.”
Juha Holopainen
FINRA Finnish National Road Association (Finland)

“THANK YOU so much for coming and giving such a wonderful and insightful presentation – you have given me a lot to think about and I know so much of what you said resonated with the many of the other ladies who attended. I got some fabulous feedback about your presentation so thank you for the part you played in making the “Women in Business” day a success”.
Grace Mills
Commercial Banking

“This presentation is essential for all managers living in today’s dynamic, global world.”
Miljenko Tumpa
Raiffeisen Leasing, (Croatia)

“Deborah is a great speaker who holds her audience and has tremendous enthusiasm and charisma. In addition, she gets the point across in a memorable way – you always feel as if she is talking just to you. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who works in an international context.”
Howard Norton
Auditel (UK)

“Thanks to you many of my working habits have changed.  Your knowledge about the subject of international management was excellent and you were very innovative in explaining complicated matters.”
Veikko Tuuvinen
Veterinary Doctor,
Head of Animal Health Service (Finland)

“Deborah delivers in a relaxed style but at a good pace – excellent structure, great clarity and easy to follow. Overall – enjoyable, lively and enlightening.”
Jeffrey Hebden
Product Management Manager
Motorola  (UK)

“Great delivery style. Very good interaction, very experienced speaker (PRACTICAL experience, too) – optimal use made of limited time.”
Dr Michael Kuhn
Vice President Technology Strategy
Philips (Germany)

“Interactive. Fully planned. Logical. Experienced & knowledgeable speaker. Very valuable.”
Haluk Acar
Vice President
Garanti Bank (Turkey)

“Excellent knowledge of the background/ context and implication. Very relevant to our business.”
Alexandra Brutaru
Head of Risk Division
Raiffesisen Leasing (Romania)

“Deborah was fantastic and engaging. Good content which was clear with useful examples.”
Dr. Fiona Rahman
Programme Manager
Frost & Sullivan, Pharmaceuticals (UK)

“10 out of 10 all round!”
Cristian Sendriou
Executive Manageer
Raiffeisen Bank  (Bulgaria)

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