Feedback From Clients Attending Deborah’s Seminars

Your webinar presentation last November with eCornell University was very enlightening for me. One of the things I liked was the simple way you put things, demystifying cross-cultural complexities, and giving concrete behaviours to apply. It had a very day-to-day feel to it, so that a listener feels that “it makes sense”.
Jim Everett
Principal Partner
THINK 180 

Debbie, you are always impressive, and your content and delivery is great. The only suggestion I can make for improvement… keep the coffee coming!
Nick Burrows
Talisman Coaching

I’ve been working in sales and marketing for many years and the cynic in me said that I was going to come away with nothing more than a tea and biscuit overload. Nothing could be further from the truth! Instead of tea and biscuit overload it was more like information overload – in a great way – and loads of bonus advice and material.
Quiller Hawkins
Spring Communication Systems Ltd

Excellent session. I learned a great deal.
Graham Lowing
Words Worth PR Ltd

To be able to present 3 days in a row and not getting boring! Excellent speaker / consultant
Mr Rico Reinhoud
Managing Director
Antec Leyden   (The Netherlands)

Debby holds your hand as you explore new ideas that you never have time to think about because you’re too busy with running your business. “Communicating Across Cultures” is an excellent seminar and her book, of the same name, is a mine of useful tools and meaningful information as well.
John Contogeorge
Siemens Medical Equipment 

Many thanks, Debby. I really enjoyed it, and found it so useful.
Pam Lawrence
Lawrence Associates

Deborah’s given me the tools and techniques to clarify a lot of aspects related to difficulties in my business. Very knowledgeable, good delivery and an ability to answer questions in a very relevant way.
Adrian Alexe
Tiriac Leasing  (Bucharest)

Loved the seminar & Debby who definitely knew her stuff. 10 out of 10. Would recommend it for anyone who needs to manage global teams or works internationally.
Colleen Cheung
Development Toolset Product Manager
Anite System  (UK)

You were just fantastic. Well focused, with an expertise that needs to be shared.
Mr Nugunda Okeke
Deputy Director of Administration
Ministry of Foreign Affairs  (Malawi)

Excellent consultant. Very well presented. Deborah has excellent theoretical knowledge, backed by practical examples and the ability to convey it in a real-world context.
Peter Judge
Account Director
QinetiQ   (UK)

Much more than I expected!
Lars Granbakken
Programme Manager
Kongsberg-Simrad  (Norway)

The course has been an excellent one, people found your material extremely helpful.
Hendrian Givah
Foreign Service Officer
Ministry of Foreign Affairs   (Malawi)

Just thought you deserved to know that thanks to your session and the slides my presentation was a huge success… [I] blew all their arguments away by the justification, grid diagrams and strategy behind my proposals.  Not only did I secure control, get agreement to all my recommendations but did it all in a very fast 60 minutes (when normally I would have taken at least twice as long).  Many thanks again!
Gael Williams
Senior Manager EMEA Partner Development
Interactive Intelligence Inc.   (Sweden)

Great – when I’m trying to communicate strategy I now have the tools to be better structured and make more of an impact.
Sally Elbaz
Senior Manager for Merchandising & Product Planning
Disneyland Paris   (France)

Debby was dynamic and a great consultant.
Malavika Tohani
Programme Manager
Global Energy & Power Systems (India)

Very approachable consultant with first class knowledge of subject area who kept group interest. Easy to follow and understand. Structure flow and clarity were excellent and the exercises were fun.
Dan Richards
Strategic Account Manager
Frost & Sullivan   (UK)

Excellent! Deborah has provided me with the business toolkit to make an immediate impact.
Mark Nash
Supplier Relationships
I Pass (UK) Ltd

Hopefully you will be back soon to teach us more!.
Julia Bunting
Estate Planning Ltd

Keep doing what you’re doing! I got information and inspiration
Margaret Mason
Marketing & Communications Manager
Business Link Essex

I’m now so inspired! I’m now confident and so sure of my USP.
Jean Whitten
Whitten Life Solutions

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