What Deborah’s professional colleagues say:

“I think the measure of a powerful and effective communicator is how well they can put across complex ideas in a way that the audience not only understand but they can remember too. Deborah’s presentations are both extremely enlightening and very memorable.”
Michael Tipper www.michaeltipper.com
Uk’s leading Personal Effectiveness expert

“Debby takes you inside the world of communicating and reveals the secrets that will make your message a success … an excellent masterclass that gave us a great deal of learning”
Chris Roycroft-Davis www.chris@CanDoComms.co.uk
Leading authority on Media Communication

“Deborah Swallow is just one of those extraordinary people who understands cultures, countries and the strange ways that people from different parts of the world behave.  Her books, seminars and master classes explain in a clear way how you should behave if you have to present, negotiate or do business in other parts of the universe. Complex ideas in an easy to grasp format – and thoroughly enjoyable!”
Derek Arden www.derekarden.co.uk
UK’s leading expert in Negotiation Skills

“You were an example of how to present with high energy, without going over the top, and I loved your stories. You were amusing, you were perceptive, you were relevant. You engaged and held the attention of your audience.  All in all, it was a highly impressive – and truly professional – performance.”
Phillip Khan-Panni, www.pkpcommunicators.com
Champion Public Speaker: World Silver Medalist and seven times UK Public Speaking Champion.
Founding Director and former Vice-President of the PSA

“If you are looking for a speaker who has real world experience and can communicate across cultures – then look no further: Deborah Swallow is your ideal choice.  With 25 years’ experience at the sharp end of business and specialist skills in international business and management, Deborah brings practical solutions to the problems that beset many global companies today.  I heartily recommend her!”
Peter Thomson, www.peterthomson.com
CEO Results International PLC
UK’s leading Selling and Marketing Strategist

“Debby exudes great passion and brings energy to a room.  She walks the walk and talks the talk on international communication”
Geoff Ramm www.geofframm.com
Marketing Speaker – Voted ‘Best Speaker’ World Advertisement Forum

“Debbie has vast experience of international audiences & showed us how to adapt our keynote”
 Barry Graham www.barry@speakersco.co.uk
Speaker’s Corner – Helping People Deliver Their Best

“I thoroughly enjoyed Deborah’s seminar ‘Communicating Across Cultures’ and learned an immense amount that will be useful in my international work. Her book of the same title, on which this seminar is based, is a beautifully written, easy to understand book that is a must for anyone doing business with other cultures. It enhances the detail we need to know about other cultures with stories and personal anecdotes which makes a complicated subject easy to read about and enjoy. I will be using it as a pocket guide on my own business travels.”
Marie Mosely,
Business Psychologist and International Keynote Speaker,
Working With People Who Need To Co-operate

“It’s wonderful to see a true professional at work!”

Bill Stanley,
Managing Director,
TACK International Training (UK)

Developing CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE to raise your game in international markets