Transaction costs in international trade are high. Anything that prevents success can cost thousands of pounds. Cross-cultural communication skills are essential. You cannot afford to get things wrong!

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Deborah provides a range of services including:

These are all  focused on helping organisations and individuals develop CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE to become effective communicators in international business settings.  As a leading authority on Intercultural Communication, Cultural Diversity and International Business Practices she explains:

The current economic climate and globalisation has made industries more competitive so it is vital for organisations to have the right international skill set.  The failure rate of international joint ventures and mergers is staggering.  And, there are enormous changes happening in the workplace where people of all different nationalities are thrown together. With the challenges of new markets, remote teams and different communication styles across the globe, it is vital that business people take cultural considerations into account.”

Her services include:




Executive Communication Coaching

Executive Team Development

Developing CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE to raise your game in international markets