Fairtrade Fortnight begins today!Fairtrade Fortnight

There are approximately 1.5 million farmers and workers, working across 63 countries producing Fairtrade products. This year, Fairtrade Fortnight, is asking everyone to take a step for Fairtrade. The target is to gain 1.5 million steps, one for each Fairtrade worker and farmer. These steps could simply include buying a new Fairtrade product, hosting a Fairtrade chocolate tasting session with friends, or recommending a Fairtrade product to a friend or a colleague. Basically, taking steps for Fairtrade Fortnight are about making new consumer choices.

Celebrations for Chinese New Year are over but this month, once again, there will be fireworks in countries across the globe.

Twelve countries are celebrating their Independence Days:

Sri Lanka (Feb 4th), New Zealand (Feb 6th), Grenada (Feb 7th), Iran (Feb 11th), Lithuania (Feb 16th), The Gambia (Feb 18th), Saint Lucia (Feb 22nd), Estonia (Feb 24th), Kuwait (Feb 25th), Dominican Republic (Feb 27th), and this month’s youngest country, Kosovo (Feb 17th).

Happy Independence Days to you all!


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Today is Red Hand Day. This relatively Red Hand Daynew day was organized for the first time in 2002 as a coalition to stop the use of child soldiers in wars and armed conflict. The red hand has been used all over the world by many protesters and organizations to say ‘no’ to child recruitment. The goal of the celebration is to draw attention to the issue of child soldiers, thus, on Red Hand Day various public protest and demonstrations take place. As an ongoing public statement the organization is collecting red hand prints. Over the past years more than 350,000 hand prints have been collected…