Bloggers in Africa have are having a riotous time writing tongue-in-

cheek articles with headlines like: Africa to send troops, food parcels to UK as riots spread. I came across an article by Ndesanjo Macha sharing African perspectives on the riots in the UK with a good dose of humour. However, one blogger, Nana Wireko, reminds us about the unpleasant things the British press were saying in the run up to the South African World Cup saying: “When your neighbor is down, don’t kick him but rather help lift him up. The UK press should take a cue from this. It’s a lesson. A very important one!”


Beauty Bogwasi

Dumelang, bagaetsho ( Hello all) These little words can save your life in Botswana. Greetings are key and pivotal in Botswana culture. Oh, sorry you are probably wondering where in the world is that! Botswana is the land of diamonds and game. It was first spoken in Botswana!

AfricaIngenuity, innovation and invention are words to use in connection with the efforts people in Africa have made in their use of recycled materials. Read the New Internationalist’s ‘Majority World Blog’ to see how much can be done with so little. It includes some great pictures of recycled products and links to websites for further info. Definitely worth a look – then go on to the home page and bookmark it as a major site for blogs from all over the world.