Today is the International Day for UN Peacekeepers.

In areas of conflict around the world civilian lives are at risk. In countries and regions that are in the grips of war people are forced to abandon their homes and live on the streets. International Day for UN PeacekeepersIn some places prisoners escape, adding to the on-going conflict. Instead of being ruled by law, “societies are plunged into lawlessness.”

The help of United Nations peacekeeping forces can transform chaos into calm. But for real peace and security to take place peacekeepers must do much more than disarm local combat troops. They must “strengthen the institutions responsible for security and justice – the police, the courts and the correctional institutions – with full respect 
for the rule of law and human rights.” 

How about getting involved with International
Conflict Resolution Day? In 2011, it will fall on Thursday, October 20th. One of the easiest ways you can help spread awareness is to let others know what is happening in your area on or around Conflict Resolution Day. What kind of special activities are planned? Will you personally be doing something to honour the day? Can you sing conflict resolution-related songs? Want to read a poem for the world to hear? Phone it in! In celebration of CR Day, there’s a fun set of online games with conflict resolution content appropriate for different age levels. Fun and educational too.