Ramadan is the holy Islamic month of fasting. During the month,
Muslims will fast during the daylight, in all conditions and break their fast at nightfall with family and friends. Many of us wonder though, what can it be like to fast for an entire month?

Once again, in March, countries around the world are celebrating their independence.

Happy Independence Day to:

Bosnia and Herzegovina – March 1st
Ghana – March 6th
Mauritarius – March 12th
Tunisia – March 20th
Namibia – March 21st
Greece – March 25th
Bangladesh – March 26th

2003-12 has been designated the ‘Literacy Decade: Education For All’Literacy Day
by the United Nations. Creating literate environments is essential to ensuring sustainable development, gender equality and poverty eradication. The UN believes that literacy is a human right and a means for social and human development. One in five adults is illiterate and of the illiterate population, two-thirds are women. Read about my experiences and see my photos of my time in Ghana teaching literacy to a group of engaging women.