July seems to be THE month for Independence Days. independence days
There are 24 in all!

Happy Independence Day to you all.

July 1st

Once again, in March, countries around the world are celebrating their independence.

Happy Independence Day to:

Bosnia and Herzegovina – March 1st
Ghana – March 6th
Mauritarius – March 12th
Tunisia – March 20th
Namibia – March 21st
Greece – March 25th
Bangladesh – March 26th

This month a handful of countries is celebrating their independence:

Independence Days

Senegal celebrating its independence

Georgia, April 9 – Independence from USSR

Senegal, April 4 – Independence from France

Sierra Leone, April 27 – Independence from UK

Syria, April 17 – Independence from France (also known as the Evacuation Day, for it was on April 17th when the last French soldier was evacuated from Syria)

Togo, April 27 – Independence from UK

Zimbabwe,  April 18 – Independence from UK

Happy Independence to you all!

Google’s doodle for India’s Independence Day which is shown on
Google’s main search page for the country depicts the Red Fort in Delhi. As a recent visitor to Delhi, I was awed by the magnificence and size of the building.  When you think this was built early to mid 1600, during the reigns of James I and Charles I in the UK, rather puts the achievement into perspective.

Google is always featured at the end of my talks
as one of the few ‘cultural superhero’ global organisations of this world. I know that my own Google homepage often has a Google Doodle especially for their UK clients.  But, it’s not often I get to see some of the other doodles that are created for other nations.  Here’s Google’s Doodle to celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day.  So, Happy Independence Day to All!