Hello” has got to be one of the most important words we use andhello
learning a few “hello“s in a different language will helps us build trust in our relationships with those from other cultural backgrounds. Nowadays, more than ever, our everyday encounters find us engaging with people who are different from ourselves; whether speaking from your desk to someone on the other side of the world,  whether in the local supermarket or whether  travelling abroad – do take a moment to learn that precious word in a new way. Our picture shows The Prince of Orange of the Netherlands receiving a hong (Maori greeting) from a Maori warrior in Wellington, New Zealand. Listen and see how many languages you can recognise out of these twenty languages:  final composite hello.

Here’s help: listen & learn in 30 different ways to say hello…

It’s World Hello Day, so reach out and greet just ten people in the World Hello Day
name of peace. That is the simple message behind World Hello Day. Started in 1973, in response to the conflict between Egypt and Israel, this day is now commemorated in over 180 countries. Taking part couldn’t be easier, but rather than just greet family or friends why not reach out to someone you know in another country and say “hello”? You can do your bit to promote peace all over the world and bridge barriers between different nationalities – you could even learn to say “hello” in a different language!

For World Hello Day why not learn to say “hello” in another language? Listen to this audio and see how many “hellos” you can recognise from the 20 languages you’ll hear.

“Hello” in sign language

“Hello” is signed by moving the hand away from the forehead in a forward and downward motion, similar to a salute.


DBS final composite hello