Congratulations to Zambia  who yesterday won the World
Championship of Nations – The Africa Cup.   And, just as I thought today couldn’t get greyer and gloomier with the our great British weather, along came Patricia, a student of mine at the London Academy of Diplomacy, looking stunningly beautiful in such a bright colourful outfit. Celebrating her county’s success, she brought a touch of sunshine into our lives and her infectious happiness made us smile. Thank you  Zambia – and Patricia, too!

This October there are nearly twenty independence days from countries
all over the world. Countries as wide ranging as China to Zambia are celebrating this month.  A very Happy Independence Day to all!

People’s Republic of China – October 1-2, Nigeria – October 1, Guinea – October 2, Lesotho October 4, Fiji – October 7, Germany – October 3, Uganda – October 9, Republic of China/Taiwan – October 10, Spain – October 12, Zambia – October 24, Iran – October 26, South Vietnam – October 26, St Vincent and Grenadines – October 27, Turkey – October 29