koreaSoC1Chusok Thanksgiving Day is a public holiday in South Korea.

The Chusok Harvest festival is one of the most important festivals in throughout the world, whatever culture or religion it might be, or however it is named; Thanksgiving in America, Pongal in India and Chusok in Korea. This festival is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth Lunar month of every Lunar year. Let us see more about the Festival of Chusok, its Legacy, its rituals and what it means to the people of that culture.

Find out more about the Chusok Festival in South Korea

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One Response to “ Chusok – Korean Thanksgiving Day Date: September 14, 2009 ”

  1. Wow everybody, it’s Thanksgiving Day! I’m happy with my extra day off, and I am planning to doing something fun that will probably involve a car trip and seeing something new in Jefferson Valley-Yorktown I haven’t seen yet.
    You write something new at Thanksgiving?