Kia ora tatou – nga mihi mahana from Aotearoa New Zealand.
Hello everyone and warm Pacific greetings from New Zealand.

I think we might be your remotest contributors!!

Thank you for your very kind invitation Deborah to contribute to your wonderful initiative. Sorry it is a day late!

My husband Holona (who is NZ born Niuean – Niue is a tiny island in the Pacific) and I work with building on the strengths of cultural diversity in the workplace and cross-cultural mentoring.

New Zealand is a particularly rich and interesting environment for this work as we are first and foremost a bi-cultural society – with Maori as tangata whenua (the first people of the land). And within in that is an increasingly diverse multi-cultural population.

As well as the work we do locally we are also passionate about becoming part of the global network and conversation in this area.

And yay! for the magic of technology for making this possible. I have just become a very recent Twitter-er! And am so grateful for the contacts I have made already – thanks Deborah! And Skype – isn’t it magic and it’s free.

So it’s definitely a small world and we very much look forward to being part of this global conversation – from ‘a way down under’ perspective.

Noho ora mai, nga mihi mahana

Stay well and warmest best wishes,

Trish and Holona Lui

Trish Lui
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