Conflict Across Cultures: When you next think you are in conflict
with someone with a different background, how do you feel? Do you feel “first world” guilt? Do you ignore the differences and judge the other party by your own standards and codes?

It is not easy, but applying culture theory can help…

When in deadlock, there are several pathways out. They centre, not on position but interest; not on win – lose but strategy; not on hogging scarce resources but integrating needs; and not on “right-wrong” but recognizing the values, drivers and believes of the other party and coming to a respectful and rational arrangement.

If one party wants to grow orange trees and the other party has a child to nourish, (and there are 2 oranges), what is the solution?

How you answer will reflect your cultural programming, your power and your conflict style.

Have a think… More anon.

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