This year, One World Week has an environmental theme, Living for One World’ , it helps us to value and understand our world and those living in it. One World Week is taking place this year between the 23rd-30th October 2011. It raises awareness of global issues and asks us to take action and make change. The Week was established in 1978, and it seeks to encourage the community to take action on issues as far ranging as poverty and environmental issues. It celebrates us being in a diverse but interconnected world.  This year’s three themes are:

  1. Living for the Planet
    We must value the planet and all the life forms that sustain us. We must work in co-operation with nature and not harm it. Global warming and climate change are significant issues, we must share the burden of adapting to a changing climate and care for the planet now before it is too late.
  2. Living for Its People
    We must stop poverty and suffering, one of its main causes is human greed. We must therefore share our resources and respect people everywhere.  The world is all interlinked and part of each other, the world is like one body and we must help those that suffer, bringing positive change. Food must also be distributed and shared equally, and not wasted as no one should be suffering from hunger.
  3. Living and Acting for Change
    Our actions can change the world. Acting together by for example, signing petitions and communicating with our decision makers and holding them to account, gives us collective power to influence change towards a fairer and more environmentally sustainable world.

What can I do for One World Week?

Events are taking place all across the world to commemorate this week.   In the UK, there is a fair taking place in Cardiff, Wales to explore these issues and a concert happening in Glasgow, Scotland. There are film screenings and coffee mornings and many events happening in schools. For more information please see:

You can also put on your own event to celebrate by contacting the One World Week Head Office. Please see for general information on what you can do!


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