The World Day of Social Justice was established on February 20th in 2009 toWorld Day of Social Justice promote gender equality, fair employment, social well-being, and justice around the world.

In his message last year the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, said:

“Social justice is more than an ethical imperative, it is a foundation for national stability and global prosperity. Equal opportunity, solidarity and respect for human rights — these are essential to unlocking the full productive potential of nations and peoples..”

World Day of Social Justice strives for sufficient social protection for all.

The rules are simple: no one should live below a certain income level, and everyone should have access to fundamental public services such as water, sanitation, health care, and education. Currently, 80% of the world’s people lack access to these essentials, women being especially disadvantaged.

The World Day of Social Justice also acknowledges and protects the idea of decent work. A new, popular phrase in the media is “fair globalization.” The World Day of Social Justice promotes full-time, permanent work, fair dialogue, employment social protection, and basic, universal rights at a workplace.

On the World Day of Social Justice, last year, UN organized a conference, Achieving Social Protection for All . Several universities and schools held special activities around the theme of poverty and unemployment, and some organizations publicized plans to eradicate poverty and for tackling social and economic exclusion.

This year, one of the ways everyone can participate is through an online teach-in, organized by GlobeMed. GlobeMed is a wide online, student-focused network promoting ‘global health’ through various partnerships. This year they are encouraging professors and university students around the world to spend five minutes discussing how poverty, health, and social justice relate to their field of study and to then post those ideas and quotes online to

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” – Albert Einstein


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