Vaisakhi, also known as Baisakhi, is a Sikh celebration which originates in Northern India, specifically in the Punjab region. Although Vaisakhi is considered a Sikh holiday in Punjab it is celebrated by everyone regardless of religion.


Vaisakhi celebrations in Birmingham, UK

Vaisahki is mainly a celebration of harvest. It’s popularity in Northern India is supported by the fact that agriculture provides a livelihood for the majority of people in rural areas. Sikhism adds it’s own origin story for Vaisakhi, a story of the Beloved Five, five young Sikhs who were ready to sacrifice their lives for their fate but who were eventually spared.

Vaisakhi is always celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. Religious services are held in temples very early in the morning after which all participants sit down for a community lunch, which is usually vegetarian. In addition, fairs of music and food are organized in various places around Punjab.

Have a joyous Vaisakhi!

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