In 2005, in Tunis, the United Nations hosted a conference, which aimed to bridge the ‘digital divide’ that separates rich and poor countries. This conference was called the World Summit on the Information Society. Following from this conference May 17thwas proclaimed as the World Telecommunications and Information Society Day.

World Telecommunications and Information society day

Women and Girls in IT

The main aim of this day is to raise awareness of changes brought about by technology, specifically the Internet.

This year’s theme for Information Society Day is Women and Girls in Information and Communication Technology… The International Telecommunications Union says on their website, that “ICTs are tools that can help accelerate progress towards achieving (gender equality), and it is for this reason that ITU Council proposed that we focus our efforts this year on women and girls, using the power of ICTs to provide new digital opportunities to end discrimination and empower the female half of the world’s population to achieve their rightful place as equals in the world.”

Read more about the World Telecommunications and Information Society Day and the work of the International Telecommunications Union here. 


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