Today is the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought. The aim of this day is to highlight the different ways in which we can prevent desertification and cover areas that are in draught. The reason why it’s important to fight desertification is that moist, healthy soil maintains biodiversity, whereas dry land destroys life.

The day has had a growing importance over the years because of increased effects of climate change. Although combatting desertification and draught is usually most important in countries such as Australia, Algeria, Ghana, China, and Canada, this year, the day also holds a special importance in the UK. After two years of exceptionally low rainfall, Thames Water has announced with a poster campaign, “We are in drought.” Thames Water, together with the UK government, is trying to remind people about sustainability and discouraging people from using too much water. As you may have read from posters on the London tube, “None of us can make it rain, but we can all use less water.” We should keep this Thames Water campaign slogan in mind both in and outside of the UK when trying to combat desertification and drought.

Combat Desertification and Drought

We are in drought.

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