Today the world celebrates Music Day, also known as Fete de la Musique.World Music Day On this day, anyone can make music of any genre in any location, provided that the music is free. The main purpose of World Music Day is to make all genres of music accessible for everyone.

The day originated in France in 1982, but it is now observed by 110 countries all around the world. Each year, events around World Music Day consist of free performances organized in parks, public squares, and indoor venues, as well as unofficial concerts given along city streets. In 2010, the Independent wrote about World Music Day. The following are examples of free music events from various parts of the world:

In Istanbul, “Music Stops” will include a series of events in various areas of the city, culminating with a 9:00pm concert in Sultanhamet.

In New York City, Make Music New York, now in its fourth year, organizes more than 1,000 performances on sidewalks, in parks and community gardens, and in a variety of other venues.

In Armenia, a full day of concerts will take place in parks and public squares in Yerevan.

Watch a clip from Palo Alto, California, and see how various groups celebrated World Music Day last year. The clip includes music from Kenya, Zimbabwe, Bengali, and some classical hip hop, and gypsy jazz.

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