• Treat business card giving with more respect.
  • Your card is your ambassador; a cheap and nasty one says the same about you. A poorly designed and badly printed card will help to make you appear cheap and nasty too. Invest in decent cards.
  • If you don’t already, start to carry business cards everywhere you go.
  • Carry spare business cards in your bag, briefcase, and even in the glove compartment of your car.
  • Keep your cards in a particular pocket or the same place in your bag so that you can retrieve one without difficulty. Put all ‘incoming cards’ into a different pocket or a different place in your bag.
  • Consider putting your photo on your card – it helps people remember you when they flick through their card collection. Rather than a boring head and shoulders shot, use something that shows you being active or doing your job.
  • How about including on the back of your card, a brief summary of what results you or your company provides its customers? In other words, sell the benefit and emphasise the pain that you provide the solution to.
  • Add “We met at…” This allows you or the recipient of the card to add details of your meeting. This can help your contacts remember you more clearly.
  • If you perform a number of different job functions – have different cards. If you are self-employed, rather than including what you do – just use your name. Your card will have wider usage.
  • Perhaps include on the back too. “Please keep this card for reference or pass on to a colleague”.
  • If someone is particularly interesting when you meet them ask for two cards. 
  • Discard any out of date business cards and have new ones designed and printed.

Source: my thanks to Roy Shepard www.royspeaks.com and his excellent book “Meet, Greet & Prosper”

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