What are the stages most people go through
in adjusting to a new culture?

When you move to a new country, everything is unfamiliar; weather, landscape, language, food, dress, social roles, values, customs and communication – basically, everything you’re used to is no longer there. You’ll find that the day unfolds differently, that business is conducted in a way that may be hard to understand, the stores are opened and closed at hours that you could never predict.

Everyone goes through similar stages when acculturating – some of us just get through the process quicker and with less stress. Stages two and three are the ones that need to be managed – and are commonly known as “culture shock”. If you find you are getting very homesick you need to seek help and talk to friends.

  1. Fun: The excitement and adventure of experiencing new people, things, and opportunities.
  2. Flight: Disorientation can bring the urge to avoid everything and everyone that is different. This stage is when you experience homesickness.
  3. Fight: The temptation to judge people and things that are different as bad or foolish.
  4. Fit: Creative interaction with the new culture that includes a willingness to understand and embrace.

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