Many congratulations to my Colleague from the Transcultural Business Group who has successfully accomplished climbing the seven peaks of the world. Ania Lichota, who was born in Poland, has just reached the summit of Mount Everest and sent intercultural greetings from the roof top of the world. See more spectacular photos…

In 2005, living and working in Russia, Ania decided to climb the highest peak on every continent for herself and to raise funds for UNICEF. “I do it because only through pushing my comfort zone I can develop and grow as an individual and be able to add value to the world.”

Ania has mentored and coached quite a number of people to go beyond what they thought was possible. She does public presentations and inspirational talks to raise aspirations and ability through sharing her mountaineering experiences.

To help Ania raise funds for the Sarswati Foundation please click here

See more photos here:

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