Today is St. George’s Day! St. George was a Roman soldier who lived approximately from 275-303 AD. He was killed as a Christian martyr, and after his death he became a patron saint for many countries.

St. George's Rose

Examples of countries that celebrate St. George’s day are Lebanon, Hungary, Spain, and England. In each country, the celebrations usually include street fairs, music, and food. In places like Valencia and Catalonia the day even hosts street performances and parades.

Red roses are traditionally associated with St. George in every country. Other than the rose, however, colours used on St. George’s day are usually appropriate to each nation’s flag. In England, for example, St. George’s Day has high nationalistic value. Currently, the day is not a public holiday but a large petition online  is advocating it to become one. 

In England, St. George’s day is most visible in pubs. St. George’s flag is widely in use, and going out for traditional English food and drink, such as afternoon tea or Sunday roast, is a popular way to celebrate the day. In addition to all things English, April 23rd is also a commemoration of William Shakespeare’s birthday and death. Shakespeare is often referred to as England’s national poet, as well as the father of the English language.


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