In our postmodern era of information overload, instant communication, and virtual realities,  who owns ideas?

Intellectual Property Day

Who owns ideas?

If no text is original, everything is intertextual, writing is teamwork, music is an industry, and art has no fixed meaning, then what is intellectual property?

April 26th is World Intellectual Property Day (also know as IP Day). The day is founded by WIPO, World Intellectual Property Organization, a special branch of the UN, to create understanding and awareness of intellectual property rights. WIPO is dedicated to creating a balanced intellectual property system to protect the ownership of ideas, while still encouraging innovation. Annual activities for World IP Day are concerts, plays, and other public performances, writing competitions, speeches and free lectures about intellectual property rights, as well as exhibitions and featured museum and gallery tours.

For further reading about intellectual property rights, read also Who Own’s Ideas: The War Over Global Intellectual Property.


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